Entry #3

News post central....

2016-07-26 21:52:11 by SwitchBladeClock

Well news is only news if its short sweet and to a point. So Ill let you know.... Im almost 25 I joined ng over TEN years ago.... Im not much into my old artsy ways but I love this website dearly. I developed schizophrenia at the age of 16 went on a really hard go at things for 8 years.... but Im on an 8 month roll of symptom free GOOD life..... they say after ten years things get easier..... and as long as I dont give myself PTSD I should be stable with the already three severe mental disabilities I have (schizo affective disorder - (schizo+bipolar) and Severe Anxiety..... but besides that I am a good hearted dude... Im tough and I have been on a really good path in the last while.... what can I say I always make wise decicions and stay out of trouble. Little treat for yall..... trust me I love art but these are my poetic skills                  they got the skills to lessen the thrills i got the thrills from gaining the skills all we kinda see now a days crahmills. cramillions in the sea crackoverture on the porch.






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